CONDUCT. The Roane Jamboree is a family event. There shall be no alcohol, drugs, tobacco or profanity allowed on the premises of the theater. Attendees should show respect and consideration for other attendees around them by being quite during the concerts. No loud conversation or disruptive behavior. All cell phones are required to be placed on vibrate during the concerts. Anyone in violation of these rules shall be asked to leave.
TICKETS. Advance tickets can be obtained online for $25.00 or available at the door for $30.00. Everyone must have a ticket for entrance. No exceptions!
FEES. The advance ticket platform will show the credit card service fee, sales tax and ticket agent's administration fee as separate charges. Tickets at door are cash only.
TICKETS ARE FINAL. All tickets are final with no refunds or exchanges. Tickets cannot be replaced if lost.
PARKING. There are free parking spaces in downtown within walking distance of the theater. You should park and lock .
CONCESSIONS. No food or drinks are allowed to be carried inside the theater. Concessions will be available in the theater by the college.
PERFORMERS. Performers are subject to change without notice. The Roane Jamboree will feature one national artist and one upcoming independent regional musician that is playing professionally. Our purpose is twofold to provide a professional music concert locally and to promote regional musicians. We appreciate your support in this endeaver.
NOTES. When you purchase advance tickets you have an opportunity to list any band you would like to see us book or to comment on anything you think need to be changed or added. We would appreciate your feedback in helping to make the shows more enjoyable for you.
PROMOTING TICKETS. If you are a member or supporter of an organization that might be interested in promoting tickets for our shows, be sure to inform them to contact us. We offer an excellent opportunity to raise funds for any group that will ask their members and supporters to use an unique group code when they purchase an advance ticket. The group does not have to collect money or handle tickets. We will pay $5.00 for each advance ticket purchased and provide a print out with the name of each person who has made the purchase for an advance ticket using their assigned group code.

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