Roane Jamboree offers groups and organizations an easy method to promote our shows as a fund raiser. If you are a member or supporter of an organization that might be interested in promoting our shows, be sure to inform them to contact us. We offer an excellent opportunity to raise funds for any group that will ask their members and supporters to use a unique group code when they make a purchase for an advance ticket. The group does not have to collect money or handle tickets. Just follow these steps to list your group:

(a) Enter the information requested on the form below;
(b) Enter the name of the contact person;
(c) We will provide your group a unique group code.

We will give $5.00 for each ticket that your group was responsible for securing. We will assign you a unique group code which you can provide to your members and supporters. When they order an advance ticket and enter the code you will be credited for $5.00 of the ticket price. Within the week following a Showcase show we will postal mail your group a check and print-out of the name of each person who has purchased an advance ticket.

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List to whom should payment be made. Enter your Postal mailing address on form. Tell us anything you want us to know.

Thank you for listing your group. We appreciate it.

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