APRIL 11, 2020

Bluegrass, traditional country, honky tonk, gospel, rockabilly, Irish

What is Clinchfield?
It's the joy of four friends making the music of their lives. It's a living musical autobiography - each tune has meaning and love and joy. It's thousands of hours of practice and rehearsal, of honing craft, technique, performance. It's a labor of love. It's honoring the genre, the tradition. It's developing the tunes with care and love. It's groove and passion and energy. It's traditional country and bluegrass music. It's Americana, gospel, rockabilly, western swing, and Irish music. It's the artists and songs that are the architecture of our lives. It's relationships, changes, growth, love, joy, passion. It's community. We decided early on that our measure of a successful band would be the joy we bring and the joy we share. And we do that - really well! We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all music lovers. Happy listening! Find out more about us on Facebook!


Sugar Lime Blue
Americana, Jazz, Blues and Country

"Sugar Lime Blue is redefining Americana, drawing from the 3 main American stylings of Jazz, Blues and Country, to create a purely unique sound. Fans of Classic Rock, Blues, and Traditional Country can all find commonality in Sugar Lime Blue. Pull up a chair, lend an ear and get lost in the smooth grooves, winding musical passages and lilting vocals that is Sugar Lime Blue.”

At A Glance:
•3 Full length independent album releases, with responses including:
•3 months in 2019 on the Relix/ Radio Chart peeking at #5
•Over 110 Ads on FM radio for the Narcoluptuous album
•Move that Earth single peaked at #3 in 2015 as reported by Spins Tracking System
•Featured Multiple times on the Grateful Dead's Website and Social media for covers of songs associated with the Grateful Dead.
•Featured in International Press
•Weekly Acoustic Video series the #SundayShoutOut has spanned 5+ Years on YouTube, gathering more than a quarter million views
•Performed in 15 states and to crowds in excess of 6,500 people.
•Independently booked and performed over 175 shows in the recent 2 year period.
•Band has performed with Buddy Guy, Black Oak Arkansas, Larry Keel, Acoustic Syndicate, Rumpke Mountain Boys

“Yes, I indeed did mention Nashville. However this is not a country act. Sit back, close your eyes and think about artists like the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Edie Brickell and even Renaissance’s Annie Haslam. Now mix them in with R & B acts Al Green, Bill Withers, maybe some Otis etc. Ok, now you have the idea! ” - Larry Carta, Cool Album of the Day (Mar 13, 2011)


May 9, 2020

Theo & Brenna
Bluegrass Band

Theo and Brenna MacMillan are originally from Winchester, Kentucky where they grew up with ten other siblings. A variety of creative talents among all of the siblings were recognized, encouraged and supported in their childhood home. Theo and Brenna launched their bluegrass band in May of 2018. They now make their home in Nashville, Tennessee. Theo and Brenna are a sibling duo who offer a signature vocal blend and multi-instrumental talent. They have a similar love for the sound of beautiful music, regardless of genre and whether original composition or classic arrangements, their performances impress. From playing together in college to now fronting their own bluegrass band, the duo have proven their musical integrity with an array of audiences. You can expect to hear two and three-part harmonies, warm instrumentation, memorable melodies, and heartfelt songwriting.


Drift Boat Cowboys
Real Country and Western Music

Six old friends with roots running deep in Blount County soil. Guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, dobro, fiddle, drums, harmonica. Voices that blend into smooth harmony. Put all these together, and you have the talents of the Drift Boat Cowboys, as down-home and Appalachian as any group you’d find anywhere. They play REAL country & western swing covers. If you are looking for anything that has been at the top of the Nashville charts since the mid 1990’s, they are not your band. If you like Bob Wills, Outlaw Country, and early 90’s country more than the mass marketed pop stuff they sell nowadays, give them a listen.


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